It's that time again!!

Filling out the annual tax return is part of the new year.

Why not entrust us with the time-consuming task of filling out your tax return and benefit
from the extensive experience of our tax experts?.

We handle your taxes starting at just CHF 59.00 (plus VAT).

Convince yourself! Our service is the right solution for your tax matters.

Benefit from the long-standing experience of our staff in this field.

How do we proceed?

If you choose us, you will receive from us:

  • a checklist
  • a large envelope

What you need to do:

Gather all the required documents according to our checklist, provide important information on an additional sheet, put everything in the envelope, and drop it in the nearest mailbox..

You benefit from a completed tax return ready for your signature at an affordable price, which we will send to you via postal mail.


Price List:

Type A single CHF   59.00- excluding VAT
Type B married CHF 125.00- excluding VAT
Type C with real estate ownership CHF 200.00- excluding VAT
Type D with real estate ownership and 8 securities positions CHF 275.00- excluding VAT

For all other expenses, we're happy to provide a personalized quote. This will be prepared at an hourly rate of CHF 140.00 (excluding VAT).

If we are unable to complete your tax return within the deadline, we will automatically request an extension until November 30th or the latest possible date.

Are you self-employed? No problem! Give us a call so we can provide you with a proposal.

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About us

This service is provided by the company BeraterZentrum AG. BeraterZentrum AG was founded in 1994 and offers independent wealth management services. Through a well-
founded financial planning process, both individuals and businesses gain a neutral overview of insurance, taxes, and their assets: